New Trustees join the Board of MCS Charitable Foundation

MCSCF is excited to announce the appointment of 4 new Trustees to the Board who bring with them a diverse wealth of experience and knowledge that will aid in the realisation of the Foundation’s vision of a world where everyone has access to affordable and reliable renewable energy and low carbon technologies – for the benefit of the environment, communities and the UK public.

 Charlotte Powell is a Chartered Engineer who has led solar and anaerobic digestion of waste businesses in Australia, the UK and across Europe.  She is passionate about renewable energy and the beneficial impact it has on the development of modern society.

Charlotte said: “Promoting the education and accessibility of renewable energy is absolutely core to embracing it as the mainstream source of power. I am very proud to be part of the MCS Charitable Foundation, encouraging innovation and learning in this and other low carbon technologies across the UK”

 Fabio Nehme has 20 years of international executive experience building businesses and opening new markets for renewable energy, energy efficiency and environmental solutions in Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa. He is one of two MCS Trustees that also sit on the Board of the MCS – Microgeneration Certification Scheme – Company.

Fabio said: “To greatly accelerate the penetration of low carbon solutions, we need an unprecedented level of collaboration between governments, civil society and businesses. The MCS Foundation, for its historical connection to the UK government and direct relationships with the low-carbon technology industry, is in a very unique position to drive that collaboration. I look forward to working with the board, our new CEO and our stakeholders to realize that potential.

 Dr. Magdalena Zarowiecki is a scientist and expert in analysis of bioinformatic pipelines, where her research areas span computational analysis of biology, ecology, genetics and human health.  She is absolute in her belief that sustainable technologies are essential in maintaining balance within the earth’s ecosystem.

Magdalena said “Everything we do, everything we develop has an impact and for many years, the local benefits of single use fuels have had negative impact on a global scale. I analyse these impacts every day and so, through working with the MCS team, I am keen to help redress that balance, elevating sustainable technologies that help us to work with and within the strength of our ecosystem.” 

 Gareth Williams has a deep rooted and evolving passion for the sustainability agenda that has led him to develop from his family farming roots into a diversified rural business that includes a renewable energy business, property rental and farming activity based from Herefordshire.

Gareth said "The collective future of life on earth as we know it relies on urgent and deep changes to human activity. Successful deployment of renewable energy is a key part of this journey.  MCS, has an extremely important role here ensuring this is done to professional and inspiring standards I am hugely proud to be a part of the team."

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Release date: July 2019

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