We are open to funding a range of projects which help us achieve our charitable objectives. To help us ensure that we use our money effectively and achieve the maximum benefit for our stakeholders we use an approach called Theory of Change to help us assess which projects we will take forward and fund. 

What is a Theory of Change?

A Theory of Change is a diagram that explains how a programme has an impact on its beneficiaries. It outlines all the things that a programme does for of its beneficiaries, the ultimate impact that it aims to have on them, and all the separate outcomes that lead or contribute to that impact. A Theory of Change should not refer to the scale, growth plan or operational details of the organisation itself – it should effectively describe and explain the impact of the programme from a beneficiary’s point of view. The process is described below.


More information on how to create an application which follow the Theory of Change model can be downloaded here from the Nesta website

Once you have developed your proposal you can attach it using the form below.  You can also contact us if you need more information about what we currently fund and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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